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POISON premieres Off Broadway to great acclaim...

POISON by Lot Vekemans received its English language & North American premiere with a 5 week run Off Broadway at the Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row 42nd Street NYC. This all could not have been possible without Origin Theatre Company and its artistic director George Heslin. I could not be happier with how overwhelmingly positive the reponses have been and I'm so proud of the entire cast & crew. The production received high praises in reviews - here are a few:

New York Times - Critics’ Pick!: “Fearless! Emotionally bare!”

Plays to See - * * * * * Best Bet!: "Poison has some of the best acting I’ve seen in some time! Director Erwin Maas did a phenomenal job! An operatic journey! It comes recommended!”

Huffington Post: “Splendid Performances! Provocative and Universal!”

Theatre Scene: "Finely performed, very well written and strikingly staged! Poison is a challenging and insightful exploration of the human condition that has been perfectly rendered! It’s all part of director Erwin Maas’s masterful and inventive staging!”

Broadway World: “Truly Astounding! Huppuch and Laurence do a magnificent job! Absolute perfection; it is, in fact, beautiful! A truly poignant show!”

Theatre is Easy: “Huppuch and Laurence are magnetic! POISON is a play for the lover of European theater and its tradition of tackling the tough questions head-on, with no artifice or spectacle!”

Blog Critics: "This compelling play digs into the gut! Maas seems to direct with a light hand, allowing the actors to appear to truly live their story. It’s an impressive accomplishment all around!”

NRC (Dutch Newspaper): "Dutch play about reconceliation hit in New York!"

* * * * *

by Lot Vekemans

“About a man and a woman who lost a child, then themselves and eventually each other.”

Starring Obie Award winner Birgit Huppuch & Drama Desk nominee Michael Laurence
With live vocals by Jordan Rutter

Directed by Erwin Maas
Translated by Rina Vergano
Set & Costume Design by Jian Jung
Lighting Design by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Sound Design by Sam LaFrage
Production Stage Manager Carol A. Sullivan

After many years of separation, a man and a woman meet at the burial grounds of their child. He moved on and looks to the future. She remains stuck in the past. What comes from tragedy? Will some of our greatest adversities lead us down a path of further grief and sorrow? Or can hope be born out of our deepest emotional pain and turmoil? While remembering the final moments of their loved one, the man and the woman take their first steps towards reconciliation.

Next year, I'll direct the South African premiere of POISON at the Vrystaat Arts Festival in Bloemfontein, followed by a tour in South Africa. Much looking forward!


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